Snake Lino Print in Black and White by Hex Cavelli, Dorset Printmaker
Cutting the lino for the Snake Lino Print by Hex Cavelli
Lino ready for printmaking snake Lino Print by Hex Cavelli

Snake Lino Cut Print

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Black Snake Lino Print, hand carved in lino, inked and had printed in Dorset, England.

So many ideas and designs and so little time! This snake print came about as a texture study for some snake jewellery designs I am currently developing. 

The snake is a pretty interesting creature, definitely deadly at times and often associated with evil and fear, mythology has also placed the snake alongside healing, wisdom and creation.

Dimensions -

The print itself is approximately 15cm x 20cm  

The paper measures approx 25cm x 30cm 


Printed using lino and a pretty ancient Albion printing press on 300gsm white snowdon paper using black oil based ink. 

Launched at the Seven Seas Festival in Poole the Snake linoprint is part of a collection which focusses on texture and includes the Flamingo Lino Print and the Octopus Lino Print. 


This print is available as a commission in other colours. Get in touch with your request.