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Hex Cavelli and the X-Men

Its all in a name.. I am so worn out, internal conflict and feeling lost was becoming normal to me.. at this point anything was worth a try. Finding my Hex Cavelli alter ego happened while I was playing a game with a friend we were deciding our vilian names (as you do) and up came some variation of Hex Cavelli and somewhere a seed was planted.  Searching for a Creative Alter Ego  I have never credited myself with an amazing memory, but for some reason this name stuck. It kept popping up and in my mind a personality was forming around this name, Hex Cavelli.  I was exploring alter egos after a talk by Alexa Clay and, for some...

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How My Elusive Creative Genius Became Hex Cavelli

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the Creative Genius  Big Magic   I first came across Elizabeth Gilbert talking about the Creative Genius in her book Big Magic - a wonderful piece of literature that I would recommend to anyone stuck in a creative rut. The more I looked into her as a writer and storyteller the more I discovered that she had explored the subject in more bitesize chunks.. including this fantastic and hugely popular Ted Talk.    Elizabeth Gilbert - Creative Genius Ted Talk   Hex Cavelli - My Elusive Creative Genius   So Elizabeth Gilbert inspired me, Alexa Clay inspired me and the rest.. Ziggy Stardust, Sasha Fierce and every comic book superhero and villain out there who channeled...

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Inspired By the Misfit Economy

Smugglers, Hackers and Hermits Back in 2015, I was at Social Media Week in London, learning how the social world communicates. Amongst the "How to Hashtag" and "Mastering Twitter for the Greater Good" seminars I was lucky enough to attend an amazing talk by subculture researcher  Alexa Clay.   Check out the video, it's one of Alexa's talks about the misfit subculture - definitely worth a watch. She explains how we can learn from hermits, gangsters, agitators, hackers, con artists and copycats - innovators on the fringes of society who have actually inspired much of todays culture and biggest companies around. "The misfits I am interested in are those who are actively trying to transform the cultures they are apart of...

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